PC 64k Yermom
A 64 kilobyte demo for PC by Poo-Brain. Released at Evoke 2017 Andro Animation, shaders Glow 2D, font, shaders Tropical Trevor Code, tools, shaders Wurstgetrank Shaders Punqtured Music, sound design Virgill, Music, sound design Gopher Synth (64klang2)
Animation/Video Creatures of the Beach
Short video of the beach near The Hague and it's creatures. Music by Louigi Verona! Check out his bandcamp page for more amazing music: https://louigi.bandcamp.com
PC 4k Superfine
A 4kb journey by Minimal Released at Nordlicht 2017 Code & shaders: Tropical Trevor Music: Punqtured Font & support: Gow Massive thanks to: Our ability to use Oidos (+ reverb) and Crinkler by Blueberry Shadertoy users Shane & Fabrice for some inspiring code
Animation/Video Convicts
This is "Convicts"' by RoccoW / Poo-Brain, which came 3rd in the animation competition at the Outline 2017 party.
PC 4k Oxano
A 4KB trip for PC by Minimal Released at Outline 2017 TropicalTrevor: Visuals Glow: Visuals Punqtured: Soundtrack
PC 64k Eidolon
A 64k brought to you by Poo-Brain Andro | Direction, shaders Tropical Trevor | Code, tools, shaders Wurstgetrank | Shaders Glow | 2D, font, shaders Roeltje | Physics code Punqtured | Music, sound design Virgill | Music, sound design Gopher | 64klang2, film grain, vignette Beftex | Co-direction, Andro-nerve-controller Maikel | Concept art Massive shoutouts to: Duckz0rz, for jumping in with animation polish, Lotje, bmod, peerke, the people that were there in the beginning to help inspire us! About 7 months in the making, by a team that had never done a 64k together before, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
Animation/Video Eurodance - Jeff
An unofficial music video to Eurodance by Jeff, filmed and edited by Gabbie. Placed third in the Revision 2017 Animation/Video compo.
Commodore 64 Demo Nomad
A demo by with Rabenauge, using Poo-Brain graphics. Ranked first place at BCC party. Credits: Code: Bodo of Rabenauge Music: dalezy of Triad Graphics: Luisa of Poo-Brain, Rabenauge Graphics: Oni of Poo-Brain Charset: Titus of Rabenauge
PC 64k Once upon a time
昔 (Once upon a time) by Poo-Brain A 33KB demo to testdrive some new tech we've been working on. Personally delivered at Toky Demo Fest 2017, enjoy! Shaders & Code: Tropical Trevor and Glow Music: Andro
Animation/Video Road to Under-Construction
Gabbie biked all the way to Under-Construction 2016 to release this awesome footage to the journey. HD Download
PC 8k Serpent
Serpent by MINIMAL - Code: Tropical Trevor Modeling: Ixion Music: Punqtured - Released at TRSAC 2016 - Made with the usual 4k tools, Crinkler by Loonies, & Oidos by BlueBerry, & own OpenGL framework. - Huge shoutout to "Seascape" by TDM as we completely used his noise functions for the ocean. It is probably the most viewed shader at Shadertoy.com, if you haven't seen it, go check it out!
FNTSTC by Minimal released at TRSAC 2016 Glow: Visuals TropicalTrevor: Tech Casper + Virgill: Soundtrack Blueberry: Synth
PC 4k Uplifting
Uplifting by Poobrainque A 4K inspired by britain and a drunken agreement at a campfire with RIFT. Released at Evoke 2016, Enjoy! Shaders & Code: Glow, Tropical Trevor Music: Punqtured Synth: Blueberry
PC Demo Monolith I
Monolith I by Andro from Poo-Brain. This is my first demo, this is ray marching in glsl. Brought to you by Andro, framework by Tropical trevor. Big shoutout to Mercury for the amazing Raymarching library ! Enjoy !
Animation/Video Road to Evoke
Gabbie does it again and bikes to Cologne to meet us at Evoke.
PC 4k Xanax
Xanax by Poobrainque Something different. Unusual style. Unusual party. A 4096 bytes production for PC. Glow: shaders and code TropicalTrevor: shaders and code Punqtured: music Blueberry: synth Sundown, thanks for having us! <3
PC 4k Uneven
Uneven by Poobrainque A 4K journey for PC, released at Outline 2016. Glow: shaders and code TropicalTrevor: shaders and code Punqtured: music Blueberry: synth Superplek: additional support Enjoy! Beware the precalc! Outline we <3 you!
PC Demo Unity pb11: Staart Horse
Tropical Trevor Visuals, Procedural modeling, Code Wurstgetrank Music Okkie Music Duckz0rz Character animation Tante smeerkees Camera animation & direction Ixion Modeling & horse costumes Andro Mastering Maikel Additional modeling Priester kindbarend Logo EAT-DRINK-FUCK Intro Narrative Special thanks to Peerke & Oni. Midi: http://moviethemes.net/starwars.html Tools: Unity 5 Garritan Instant Orchestra Free models: Imperial Star Destroyer - Imperator by Ansel Hsiao (Fractalsponge) from scifi3d.com X-wing & Tie-fighter models from clara.io Cantina Bith by Steampunk-Cthulu at http://www.123dapp.com/creature/Figrin-D-an/5047853v
Animation/Video Road to Revision
Road to Revision [Bike Edition] By Priester KindBarend / Poo-Brain Roughly 535km spread out over 8 days. Video released at Outline 2016.
Animation/Video Who's that Poo-kemon?
Another partyprod released at Outline 2016.
Animation/Video Niet door de beugel
Partyprod by RoccoW and Tiva, please remember to drink your Grolsch at Outline 2017!
PC 4k Exit strategy
Exit Strategy by Poobrainque A 4kb PC demo released at Revision 2016 Code & Shaders: Tropical Trevor Shaders: Glow Cameras: Roeltje Music: Punqtured Synth: BlueBerry
Wild demo pb09: pb-xl-horse
This demo was shown at Tokyo Demo Fest 2016. We got 1st prize in the Wild compo!
PC Demo Unity BreuklynGameJam 2016 invitro
The official Breuklyn GameJam 2016 invitro is here! Brought to you by Poo-Brain Music: Wurstgetrank Art: Ixion Code & design: Tropical Trevor
PC Demo Unity pb07: piraatjes
pb07 piraatjes by Poo-Brain released at trsac 2015 pc demo made with unity brought to you by tropical trevor tante smeerkees duckzors biodwarf peerke maikel eat-drink-fuck wurstgetrank priester kindbarend music by okkie
Animation/Video Dinosaurier und Menschen
Collaboration with 5711 and Nerdarzt. Music by Okkie, Dancing by Dino!
PC Demo Unity pb06: Cubed Adventure
Cubed Adventure by Poo-Brain released at Evoke 2015 -- Made with Unity3D RoccoW Oni Luisa Tante Smeerkees Tropical Trevor Peerke Ixion Priester kindbarend Wurstgetrank Shaderboi Jebronimo Duckz0rz
PC Demo Unity pb05: ZipHorse
Pb05: ZipHorse by Poo-Brain released at Outline 2015 Fairly heavily inspired by Ziphead by fairlight & cncd... No harm intended! Music: Okkie Content: Tropical Trevor & Wurstgetrank Modeling: Priesterkindbarend & EAT_DRINK_FUCK Horse Animation: Bio-Dwarf & Duckz0rs Thanks to: Wiklund & Peerke We horse you enjoy!
STOEREBOIS by Poo-Brain My first real time demo, all by myself. Before i made this Okkie heard my text/“poem” and said: ‘let’s make a demo of this and I want to make the music for it! But than my mind spoke to me; “aah okkie i’m going to make this as a present for you!” And it was a nice suprise. Music, graphics, code and love: funkyJebronimo hope you enjoy! (and sorry there are no subtitles..)
PC 64k Void
V O I D by Inque and Poobrain :: release info :: ---------------------------- a 64k demo released at Revision 2015 Another Dutch 64k coop production! Started a bit late on this... :: credits :: --------------------------------- Tech & Visuals -- Glow Visuals -- Tropical Trevor Music -- Izard Sculpting -- Oni & Funky Jebronimo
Wild Demo PB08 - BitTrip
Hola all, This demo was shown at Tokyo Demo Fest 2015 It won 7st prize in the pc compo Credits: Poo-Brain Tropical Trevor Peerke iXion Knoeki TheHat Meester WBN
PC 64k Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays, by Inque and Poobrain :: release info :: ---------------------------- a 64k demo released at Under Construction 2014 Have some happy holidays and see you in 2015! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbiedguhyvM :: credits :: --------------------------------- visuals -- glow and tropicaltrevor audio -- wurstgetrank
mIRC Demo Baldadig
A mIRC-Demo by Poo-Brain released at Evoke Party 2014 in cologne. Placed 3rd in the alternative demo compo.
PC Demo Unity pb00: paardicle
Poo-Brain PAARDY machine presents: pb00: Paardicle A quick Paardy-prod, started after the deadline This demo was made in Unity, so we used a couple of pre-made features: - Post effects - Some basic paardicle effects Enjoy! Made by: - Okkie - Priester KindBarend - Roeltje - Wurstgetrank - Duckz0rs - Plofkip - Oni - Peerke - Punqtured - Bassie - Rainbow dash - Joey Tempest - Jesus - Anthony
Animation/Video Demoscene Fashion Show
Poo-Brain proudly presents: Demoscene Fashion Show A tribute to the Revision 2014 invitation, disqualified at Revision, released at Outline FEATURING: - Black Destiny - Okkie - Priester KindBarend (a.k.a. Trainwreck) - Wurstgetrank - Duckz0rs - Tropical Trevor - Roeltje - Ixion - Oni - Peerke - EAT-DRINK-FUCK - MC Optimel - Charlie
PC Demo Unity pb00: frikandelXXL
Poo-Brain party machine presents: pb00: frikandelXXL A (poor) demoscene tribute to the finest piece of dutch cuisine (As usual) this demo was made in Unity, so we used a couple of pre-made features: - Post effects - Rigid body physics Enjoy! Made by: - Okkie - Tropical Trevor - Priester KindBarend - Roeltje - Ixion - Rosie
PC Demo Unity pb02: Zuperstar
Poo-Brain party machine presents: pb02: Zuperstar A demoscene tribute to the best rock opera ever made. This demo was made in Unity, so we did use a couple of pre-made features: - Post effects - Water shader - Particle system - Terrain system Enjoy! Made by: - Tropical Trevor - Wurstgetrank - Priester Kindbarend - Roeltje - Black Destiny - The Hat - Duckzorz - EAT-DRINK-FUCK - Ixion - Peerke - Oni - Rosie
PC Game Unity Outline Defender
Made in Unity in 3 hours at Outline 2013 Made by Poo-Brain Art: Priester Kindbarend Code: Roeltje Music: Metal - JT in Space (Twolegs Remix)
PC Demo Unity pb01: Party Gipfel
pb01: Party Gipfel by: Poo-brain released at revision 2013 We used Unity as a demo tool since we're too incompetent to write our own engine ;) Apart from Unity's basic engine features we used the following Unity tools: Particle system (starfield) Physics (credits) Glow post-processing effect Roeltje Wurstgetrank Priester Kindbarend Duckz0rs Daedalus
PC 64k
Creatures of the Beach
PC 4k
PC 4k
PC 64k
Eurodance - Jeff
Commodore 64 Demo
Once upon a time
PC 64k
Road to Under-Construction
PC 8k
PC 4k
PC 4k
Monolith I
PC Demo
Road to Evoke
PC 4k
PC 4k
pb11: Staart Horse
PC Demo Unity
Road to Revision
Who's that Poo-kemon?
Niet door de beugel
Exit strategy
PC 4k
pb09: pb-xl-horse
Wild demo
BreuklynGameJam 2016 invitro
PC Demo Unity
pb07: piraatjes
PC Demo Unity
Dinosaurier und Menschen
pb06: Cubed Adventure
PC Demo Unity
pb05: ZipHorse
PC Demo Unity
PC Demo Unity
PC 64k
PB08 - BitTrip
Wild Demo
Happy Holidays
PC 64k
mIRC Demo
pb00: paardicle
PC Demo Unity
Demoscene Fashion Show
pb00: frikandelXXL
PC Demo Unity
pb02: Zuperstar
PC Demo Unity
Outline Defender
PC Game Unity
pb01: Party Gipfel
PC Demo Unity